Drinking on Weekends

This pictures was taken in 2015 while I was living in NYC. This was a pivotal year: I had mastered my denial of alcoholism and life from the outside resembled perfection and fulfillment. In my mind, I was prevailing, I had acquired the ability to sporadically drink alcohol without debilitating consequences. My disease was deludingContinue reading “Drinking on Weekends”


When I initially accepted my alcoholism in 2016, I felt empowered yet misguided. I focused solely on abstaining from alcohol, assuming my problems stemmed from drinking. Wrong. What I failed to understand was that addiction isn’t just a physical dependency—it’s an emotional and mental dependency as well. Whether angry, stressed, or even elated, drinking wasContinue reading “TWO YEARS SOBER”

The “Alcoholic” Label

I am an alcoholic. By now, you know I don’t hide that part of my identity. Far from being ashamed, I consider sobriety is one of my greatest victories. I concealed my alcoholism for six years. During that time, the word “alcoholic” was synonymous with chain-smoking, drinking straight from plastic pints, and complaining at AAContinue reading “The “Alcoholic” Label”