A Sobering Situation

In this picture, I was terrified. High on attention, half drunk, adrenaline pumping, mind racing, I was being pulled in so many different directions. Integrity wasn’t my priority. I sacrificed my reputation for a short-lived, 15-minute high which wasn’t worth the pain and anguish. I was an alcoholic and addict whose moral principles were onContinue reading “A Sobering Situation”

The Hundred Pound Food Addict.

Obsession is the hallmark of addiction. Whether it’s food, drugs, or sex, my brain becomes fixated on feelings of pleasure that the substance or behavior elicits. It’s a process that normal people will never comprehend. The anticipation and the build-up become stimulating and irresistible; it’s a part of the high. Just thinking about food orContinue reading “The Hundred Pound Food Addict.”

An alcoholic bartender is like a crack addict selling crack.

I had graduated from the University of Florida in the spring of 2012 and moved to the Big Apple that summer. I had about $200 to my name so my options were limited regarding my living situation. This is where Craigslist came in handy. Yes, every mom’s worst nightmare, sorry mom. I found some guyContinue reading “An alcoholic bartender is like a crack addict selling crack.”